ECE Projects


Electronic Projects

       AudioRF Circuits 
      Event Detection Circuits 
      Math Function Circuits 
      Measurement Circuits 
      Motor Control Circuits 
      Power Supply Circuits 
      Sensing Circuits 
      Special Function Circuits 
      Switching Circuits 
      Timing Circuits 
      ToneWave Generators

 Power Supply Circuits 

        Circuit for Getting -5V from +9V 

         DC Voltage Polarity Inverter Circuit 

         DC Voltage Ripple Remover Circuit 

         Low DC-to-High DC Voltage Converter 

         Low-Cost Buffered Voltage Reference Circuit 

         Multiple Voltage (+_-12V and +_-5V) Power Supply 

         Negative and Positive DC Voltage Power Supply Circuit 

         Op-Amp Voltage Regulator Circuit 

         Power Supply Circuit # 1 

         Power Supply Circuit # 2 

         Series Voltage Stabilizer Circuits 

         Shunt Voltage Stabilizer Circuits 

         Simple Regulated Power Supply Circuits